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I’am the Walrus

April 20, 2013

I'am the Walrus

I had a opportunity to see up close and personal some of God’s unique sea lions! Just as happy as can be on this beautiful Sunny afternoon in Seattle. There balance is amazing and there ability to climb up on this bouy. How much more time did God spent creating his first son Adam? Or the time he spent creating Lucifer? How much time did he spent creating the second Adam? We can bet he spent a good long time making sure every detail and function was in its place… How amazing is our God and father? what an imagination not hindered by time or space but by quality and content of charactor. Our father planed it before he executed it and when the time was right and the season was near he implemented his Plan… All the while Jesus wait’s with anticipation to return to us and bring man under one religion, one God and one worship system, one set of laws, that all may know what is right and wrong, what a peaceful and wonderful care free and safe world it will be.

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  1. Jonny Jacobsen permalink

    Right on

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