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The Worldwide People of God is just that! Connecting Gods people all over the world. The goal of the site is to give the people of God a place they can go to learn and teach the things of God. The bible is the corner stone of this teaching. The wwpog blog is not a corporation. Its not asking for anything, it is simply put, a place where everyone can call their own. There are a lot of churches out there, that have some of the truth! But Jesus Christ and the prophets from the bible must be the final word. We can’t ignore some doctrines, or add doctrines of our own. It is very difficult to have a pure and undefiled Religion James 1:27

The Ten commandments 1-10 Ex. 20:1

Gods annual Holy days  and weekly Sabbath Lev.23

These are the core doctrines and beliefs of Jesus Christ and the forefathers before him.

Who God is? Is the first and greatest commandment! The Shema Deut 6:4

” Hear, Oh Israel, the Lord God is one Lord”

This does not leave any room for two or three, which is Christianity’s self inflicted wound.

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